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We are most delighted to welcome you to Megathos Law Practice, where we help businesses become more profitable, solve legal and business problems, offer business intelligence, we advice individuals, companies, startups, SMEs multinationals and nations on investing in LNG, Oil and Gas, Intellectual Property, Agriculture, ICT, Franchising, Finance and Fintech in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

On this site, we want to tell you more about Megathos Law Practice, the work we do, for our unique clients and the innovative approach we use to deal with legal and business challenges; and the innovative spirit, which drives our team to deliver consistently excellent results above and beyond your expectations.

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As deal makers, we don’t just offer you our innovative legal services and products, we are keen on seeing you succeed. We understand, that in business, all our efforts, are geared towards helping, you, our client do business with ease.  As gas lawyers, we are able to help you structure your energy deals in a sustainable way.

Our lawyers, understand the fact, that the business world is changing faster than the speed of light, while we keep abreast of these changes, we make it our duty, to consistently innovate, to meet our client’s ever evolving needs.

We understand, you have high expectations of us, that is why we pledge to meet and exceed your expectations of us as business lawyers.

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Letter of Commendation from The Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, for the review of the National Gas Policy


Review of Money Laundering (Prevention and Prohibition) Act, 2022
May 25, 2022
Review of Money Laundering (Prevention and Prohibition) Act, 2022
Introduction to the Nigerian Money Laundering Act 2022 •Prior to the evolution of the Money Laundering Act 2022, the Money Laundering Act 2011 was in effect with a few notable gaps. •The Money Laundering Act of 2011 did not specifically establish the Special Control Unit under the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (SCUML). •Nigeria is Africa’s top technology hub, Nigeria has four Fintech unicorns – Interswitch, Flutterwave, Andela and Opay – who have all attained valuations of over $1 billion. •The Money Laundering Act 2022 which was graciously signed into law by the President of Nigeria, should lead to more regulatory certainty and help catalyze the growth of the Financial industry in Nigeria. •Several foreign investors are taking advantage of Nigeria’s ranking as one of the leading financial ecosystems in Africa to invest in Nigeria’s digital economy. •The Megathos Law Practice Update, Review of Money Laundering Act of 2022_Megathos Law Practice, will lead and guide you and your teams through the business opportunities available in the Money Laundering Act 2022 in Nigeria. To learn more about the business opportunities available in the Money Laundering Act 2022, please click on this link :
Types of Employees you meet in the Workplace
May 5, 2022
Types of Employees you meet in the Workplace
As the mass resignation continues, more employees are looking to change jobs, with an emphasis on stock options, flexible working hours, a better work life balance and better pay. This has led to an increase in mobility of labour, with several employees becoming digital nomads, sometimes working two jobs at the same time. However, as you search for talent, it is important to understand the characteristics of the types of employees you have or plan to hire and the number of generations in the workplace so you can evolve appropriate H.R. policies to cater for the needs of “Boomers”, “Gen X”, “Millennials” and “Gen Z”. Being able to identify the type of workforce you currently have or are about to hire, can help prevent a lot of heartache for your H.R. Department or a stint at the National Industrial Court. In commemoration of labour day that was celebrated recently, this Megathos Law Practice update, Types of Employees you meet in the workplace _ Megathos Law Practice gives a brief overview of the type of employees you are likely to meet in the workplace… To learn more about labour laws in Nigeria please visit :

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