LNGOil and GasAndrea Stegher announced as IGU President from 2025-28, with Milan set to host the 30th World Gas Conference

November 23, 2020by megathos0

After a two-day electronic meeting of the International Gas Union’s Council, Italy has been chosen to hold the organisation’s presidency from 2025 to 2028.

As part of the winning bid, the city of Milan will also host the 30th World Gas Conference in 2028. The WGC is the landmark event for the global gas industry held in the country holding the Presidency of the IGU.

As part of its bid for the Presidency, Italy defined two key focus areas: integrating natural and renewable gases to advance the energy transition and working towards a more inclusive international industry.

The head of Italy’s presidential team, Mr Andrea Stegher, said: “These pillars will allow the gas industry to strongly position itself to support both environmental challenges and the needs for economic growth and secure energy for all.”

Current IGU President Joe Kang congratulated the Italian team and Mr Stegher.

“The next decade will be both a challenging and exciting time for the gas industry, as we emerge from the devasting social and economic impacts of the COVID pandemic and continue to transition to a cleaner energy mix while delivering affordable, reliable energy for communities right around the world,” Professor Kang said.

Before Mr Stegher assumes the role of President, he will serve the IGU as Vice President, initially alongside Madam Li Yalan of the People’s Republic of China, who will become president after the next World Gas Conference in Daegu, South Korea.


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