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January 13, 2022by megathos0

When a company is accepted into Y Combinator, YC now invests a total of $500,000! Great news for the Startup scene.

There was a bit of traction in the Startup industry in Nigeria, prior to the evolution of the Startup Bill in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Startup bill that was approved by the Federal Executive Council in Nigeria, when signed into law, should help catalyze the growth of the Startup industry in Nigeria.

Several foreign investors are taking advantage of Nigeria’s ranking as one of the leading Startup ecosystems in Africa to invest in Nigeria’s digital economy.

Meanwhile, Startups in Nigeria have now surpassed the 1 (one) billion dollar valuation, thus becoming unicorns.

As it stands, Nigeria is Africa’s top technology hub, Nigeria has four Fintech unicorns – Interswitch, Flutterwave, Andela and Opay.


The Megathos Law Practice Update , will lead and guide you and your teams through contractual issues that Startups should note.

In this update Eight Contractual Issues that Startups should note, Megathos Law Practice gives a snapshot of #Contractual Issues that Startups should note.

To learn more about Contractual Issues that Startups should note, please click on this link:




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