Megathos Pan African Gas Event

200+ delegates, 5+ speakers, 1 day and 5 sessions

Are you interested in the LNG Industry?

Does the domestic use of LNG excite you?

Do you want to know more about the $10 Billion Nigeria LNG Limited, Train 7 Project ...

or an opportunity to network with players in the LNG industry?
If yes, join us at the Megathos Pan African Gas Event (PAGE).

Megathos Pan African Gas Event FAQs

Do i need to play in the Oil and Gas space to attend?

No, there are many low hanging fruits, that you can take advantage of, the more reason you should attend this event.

Is Megathos Law Practice Affiliated with NLNG? Where/How does Megathos Law Practice come in since it's an NLNG project.

No, Megathos LP, is not affiliated, with NLNG.
We are business lawyers, who worked on the National Gas Policy, so we are able to advice discerning investors about business opportunities in the LNG space, domestic use of LNG, including the $10 billion LNG Train 7 project, with many low hanging fruits

What does the Megathos LNG Business Opportunities Hand book contain?

Practical analysis of the value chain, in the LNG industry. Also contains, a list of LNG business opportunities, that business owners can strategize to take advantage of.

Is this project beneficial to individuals. If yes, how?

The Megathos LNG Business Opportunities Handbook, contains, a list of business opportunities, that both businesses and individuals can take advantage of.

How does a non-oil&gas company benefit from this event?

There will be clear analysis of business opportunities, that both oil and gas, and non oil and gas companies, can take advantage of.

Do I get a hard copy of the Megathos LNG business opportunities handbook?

Each attendee, gets one hard copy of the Megathos LNG Business Opportunities Handbook.

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend

An expose on the business opportunities in the LNG Industry and the value chain in the domestic use of LNG

An overview of business opportunities in the $10 Billion NLNG Train 7 Project
A copy of Megathos LNG Business Opportunities Handbook.
Analysis of low hanging fruits in the NLNG Train 7 project.
Networking with vendors, suppliers and other players in the LNG space.
Profiling key value chain players in the NLNG Train 7 project.
Opportunities for collaboration between local and foreign based players, in the LNG space.

Event Speakers

Justice O. Derefaka

Technical Adviser (TA) – Gas Business & Policy Implementation, to The Honorable Minister of State, Petroleum Resources & Program Manager, Nigerian Gas Flare Commercialization Programme (NGFCP)

Mr Ayobiyi Shote

Current CEO of Etihad Oilfield Services Limited.

Former Managing Director, Baker Hughes Incorporated, West Africa.

Mr Afolabi Akinrogunde

Investment Manager
All On, former Commercial Gas Advisor Shell

Mrs Yejide Wyse

Former Chief Economist Nigeria LNG Limited.
CEO Augustamay.

Mr Olufola Wusu

Head of Oil & Gas/ Intellectual Property practice
Megathos Law Practice

Megathos Law Practice, received a commendation letter, from the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, for the review of the National Gas Policy.

Event Venue

Venue: Four Points by Sheraton
Date: 16th March, 2020
Time: 9am - 2pm
Fee: ₦150,000; Covers Breakfast, Lunch and all Conference materials.

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