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April 14, 2022by megathos0

It is one thing to have a great business idea, another thing to gather the right team and to successfully raise the right amount of finance from the right sources to build the product that you have in mind.

It was reported that African Startups raised $4.65 billion in 2021, about twice what was raised in 2020 and Nigerian Startups raised $1.37 billion in 2021.

Nigerian Startups are making their mark on the global Startup scene!

As it stands, we seem to be witnessing a global funding surge as large investors back high-growth tech Startups at a record rate.

In this update, How to Raise Funding for Your Startup Megathos Law Megathos Law Practice gives a snapshot of how to raise funding for your Startup.

Several foreign investors are taking advantage of Nigeria’s ranking as one of the leading Startup ecosystems in Africa to invest in Nigeria’s digital economy.

Please seek guidance via the contact form of on how to set up a proper transaction structure, corporate governance and as regards Doing Business in in Nigeria without tears…😊

The Megathos Law Practice Update on how to raise funding for your Startup, will highlight funding opportunities in the Startup Industry.

To learn more about how to raise funding for your Startup, please click on this link.



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