Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property in Joint Ventures; The Etisalat Nigeria Angle

May 16, 2020by megathos0

Etisalat International terminated its management agreement with Etisalat Nigeria. Etisalat International gave  Etisalat Nigeria 3 (three) weeks to use the Etisalat Brand before phasing it out.

We shall attempt to examine the Intellectual Property/Branding Dimension of Etisalat International’s alleged exit from the Joint Venture that may have been incorporated as Etisalat Nigeria.

Please download @megathoslaw update “IP in Joint Ventures_The Etisalat Angle” and reach out to @megathoslaw, for advice on how to safely structure transactions involving joint ventures. Please download via link below:IP in Joint Ventures_The Etisalat Angle_Megathos Law



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