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January 7, 2022by megathos0

LNG Bunkering in Africa.

Review of the Petroleum Industry Act 2021

As the demand for LNG as a shipping fuel rises, LNG Bunkering Vessels may be a quick way to meet the LNG supply deficit. An LNG Bunkering vessel is used to supply LNG to vessels that use LNG as a fuel.

With the flurry of LNG Bunkering projects in Africa, with more coming up.

One question arises, are LNG Bunkering Vessels better than Shore based LNG Bunkering Facilities?💡💡💡

With 6 LNG producing countries in Africa + 26Trains + 46 MTPA of LNG = African LNG. LNG companies in Africa, can  meet growing demand for LNG Bunkering by utilising Small Scale LNG Bunkering Vessels.

As it stands, LNG demand in the world, is estimated to hit 700 million tonnes per annum of LNG by 2040.

In this update Review of PIA 2021_LNG Bunkering in Africa_MLP, Megathos Law Practice makes an argument as regards the need for and benefits of LNG Bunkering in Africa, to the Global Shipping industry . 💡💡💡

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