Oil and GasLNG filling stations play a critical role in enabling the adoption of LNG as a fuel

November 15, 2020by megathos0

LNG filling stations⛽ play a critical role in enabling the adoption of LNG as a fuel.

LNG has many beneficial applications, including being used as a ⛽fuel for buses, mining equipment, cruise ships,  tractors, trains, Ships and even space travel. 🚌🚜🚍🚆⛴🚢🚀

The video shows an LNG Tanker Trailer supplying LNG


LNG bunkering seems to have come of age, as different countries are encouraging the use of LNG as a fuel.

Nigeria plans to roll out CNG/LNG cars, buses, trucks etc and LNG/CNG stations will be needed.

Please get in touch with @megathoslaw for assistance on how to play in the Natural Gas Vehicles Value Chain, which includes LNG/CNG filling stations.

Video credit: Bioway LNG


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