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November 26, 2021by megathos0

We learnt a few business lessons from one or two peculiar clients, lessons learnt are worth sharing…

“The Great Dreamer” is that prospect, who does not properly appreciate or want to commit his funds to his dreams of building a global business empire

“The Great Dreamer” would typically assert that his project is one of a kind, and that you are privileged to be his lawyer, hence his invitation to join him for a business meeting in Dubai. Ironically, when you send him a fee note for the meeting, which two of your associate lawyers will attend, he suddenly begins to stammer and says it is not a serious meeting…

“The Great Dreamer” has successfully set up a global business empire with operations in every continent, the only problem, is that this company begins and ends in the google doc on the Great Dreamers Laptop. A fee note, for a legal opinion on “Legal Issues in doing business in Nigeria” triggers off some pseudo righteous indignation and prolonged silence.

Be wary of people and organisations who like to dream (but are unwilling to fund, hire your firm to advice on project financing or look for funds to facilitate their business dreams), lest you end up doing free work, subsidising or paying their legal fees.

Ensure your agreements with the Great Dreamer are in writing, oral agreements are valid but difficult to enforce, and the lack of a “written contract”, can trigger off a legal dispute! There is a good reason, the law requires some contracts to be in writing in order for such contracts to be enforceable.

Way forward, obtain clear written instructions from the Great Dreamer, send him an email to confirm his request for legal assistance, collect your legal fees in advance, break his transaction into bite sized chunks and bill according! ???

In case you missed Mr. I don’t sign contracts



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