Oil and GasReview of the 2020 Marginal Field Bid Round in Nigeria

June 4, 2020by megathos0

The 2020 Marginal Field Bid Round  has commenced in Nigeria!

18 years after the last Marginal Field Bid Round in Nigeria, the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria announced the commencement of the 2020 Marginal Field Bid Round exercise (The Bid Round).

The Bid Round is a golden opportunity for discerning investors, who have been waiting since the last bid round, to gain entry into Nigeria’s value laden oil and gas industry rife with over $48 Billion worth of opportunity.

However, with great opportunity often comes great risk, as Marginal Field Companies are ostensibly the start-ups of the oil and gas industry  and may need a bit of guidance.

All the parties interested in playing in the 2020 Marginal Field Bid Round, should not hesitate to get in touch to seek legal advice from @megathoslaw via:  contact (at)megathoslaw(dot)com

Please download @megathoslaw update “Review of the 2020 Marginal Field Bid Round” for insight on how to play in the 2020 Marginal Field Bid Round.

Kindly download the update via link below:

Review of the 2020 Marginal Field Bid Round_Megathos Law


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