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November 30, 2021by megathos0

Review of the Petroleum Industry Act 2021 for Downstream Oil and Gas Companies

Prior to the convoluted evolution of the PIB, there was a bit of regulatory certainty in the oil and gas space. The PIB was long in coming and brought about a wind of regulatory uncertainty as it went through a number of legislative cycles.

However with the emergence of the PIA 2021, it is hoped that there will be a flurry of investment activities in the downstream sector in Nigeria.

The much awaited Dangote Refinery continues to create ripples, in the downstream oil and gas sector, if the recent wave of divestments, mergers and acquisitions all in a bid to consolidate, is anything to by.

The PIA 2021 should help unlock the value in downstream oil and gas projects that were stalled prior to the PIA 2021.

Over $48 Billion  dollars of low hanging oil and gas opportunities are waiting to be snapped up by discerning investors.

We have started a series on the PIA 2021, spurred on by the number of requests we have received for training on the business opportunities in the PIA 2021 for players in different sectors of the economy…

This Megathos Law Practice Update Review of PIA 2021 Backward Integration Policy in Downstream Oil and Gas_MLP, will lead and guide you and your teams through the business opportunities available in the Petroleum Industry Act 2021. (PIA 2021)



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