Startup Lessons from Royal Dutch Shell

Review of the Petroleum Industry Act 2021.  The PIA 2021 Objectives include:
Foster a business environment conducive for petroleum operations.
Deepen local content practice in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

The PIA 2021 will unlock value! The PIA 2021 is designed, to unlock Billions of Dollars in stalled oil and gas projects that will spur the growth of players in the Nigerian economy.

This includes Startups in the oil and gas industry…
For Startups looking to disrupt the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria and the world, there are a few Startup Lessons from Royal Dutch Shell evolution…

In this update Startup Lessons from Royal Dutch Shell _MLP, Megathos Law Practice highlights lessons from the Shell evolution that startups can imbibe as they journey from ideation to multinationals in the oil and gas industry and beyond.


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