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December 19, 2021by megathos0

The Megathos Law Practice  team recently facilitated a training session on  LNG  business opportunities in Nigeria, & Africa as a whole, for fast rising, Alexia Oil and Gas, using the “Megathos LNG Business Opportunities Handbook”

The last frontier of the golden age of natural gas and arguably the most profitable will take place in Africa!

Global liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade increased to 360 million tonnes in 2020.

Overall, global LNG demand is estimated to hit 700 million tonnes by 2040, just 3 million tonnes in new LNG production capacity was announced in 2020, down from an expected 60 million tonnes.

With 6 LNG producing countries in Africa + 26Trains + 46 MTPA of LNG = African LNG.    African LNG has the potential to meet growing demand for LNG in the world…

If you are Interested in the LNG space in Africa or the $10 billion NLNG
Train7 project in Nigeria 💡💡💡 Book a training session for your team today, plus a hard copy of the Megathos LNG Business Opportunities Handbook  via the contact from of www.megathoslaw.com

A two week waiting list exists!


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