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May 5, 2022by megathos0

As the mass resignation continues, more employees are looking to change jobs, with an emphasis on stock options, flexible working hours, a better work life balance and better pay.

This has led to an increase in mobility of labour, with several employees becoming digital nomads, sometimes working two jobs at the same time.

However, as you search for talent, it is important to understand the characteristics of the types of employees you have or plan to hire and the number of generations in the workplace so you can evolve appropriate H.R. policies to cater for the needs of “Boomers”, “Gen X”, “Millennials” and “Gen Z”.

Being able to identify the type of workforce you currently have or are about to hire, can help prevent a lot of heartache for your H.R. Department or a stint at the National Industrial Court.

In commemoration of labour day that was celebrated recently, this Megathos Law Practice update, Types of Employees you meet in the workplace _ Megathos Law Practice gives a brief overview of the type of employees you are likely to meet in the workplace…

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