Oil and GasNigeria LNG Train 7 ; Webinar Recording: Business Opportunities in LNG Companies going Digital; $10 Billion NLNG Train 7 Project

August 2, 2020by megathos0


On behalf of Megathos Law Practice, thank you for registering for Business Opportunities for Tech. Companies as LNG Companies go Digital; $10 Billion NLNG Train 7 Project led by:

Mehdy Touil (LNG Operations Specialist ) Part 1

Olufola Wusu (Partner Megathos Law Practice) Part 2

David Oluranti (Head of Legal Flutterwave) Part 3

Adewale Yusuf (CEO Techpoint Africa) Part 4

We hope this virtual session was beneficial and highlighted actionable business opportunities in the $10 billion NLNG Train 7 project.

If you would like legal/business assistance, with how to take advantage of the business opportunities in the $10 billion NLNG Train 7 project , please get in touch with Megathos Law Practice.

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Click here to access Part 1 of the event recording “A critical review of Business Opportunities in LNG Projects in Africa by Mehdy Touil LNG Operations Specialist Part 1” :

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Megathos Law Practice Team


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