WHAT WE DOA business savvy mindset
to legal services

WHAT WE DOWe provide a fresh perspective

Our lawyers, have the traditional values of transparency and integrity, while remaining flexible enough, to meet your everyday needs.

We offer great service, that is tailor made, to meet your unique needs and preferences, whether as a growing startup faced with innovative problems or as a multinational, with the most complex transactions all over the world.
Contract drafting, review and negotiation. We are keen, on providing you with the legal support needed, that will give you the freedom you need to focus, on what you do best.
1. Startup & SME advisory
Are you thinking of going into a new market, in order to diversify your risk or increase your market share, you will do well to talk to our in-house, market entry specialists.
We help your business make sense of risks and opportunities, in a rapidly changing, compliance prone, business world, with a view to maximising your profit, while minimising your risk.
Being able to trace the evolution a pending law, gives many a business ample time to adjust its processes long before it comes into force. Policy review, can help your business identify the value chain in a policy and avoid possible risk.
Transaction documentation can make or mar an otherwise, viable project. We create and implement transaction documentation solutions, which are globally-sourced and locally-relevant.
We are able and willing to provide general and bespoke training on the legal and business issues, which are germane to your continued existence as a profitable business entity.
Going digital is no longer a luxury, as businesses have realized, that digital solutions can help improve a company’s profitability if properly implemented.
As thought leaders, we are keen on sharing our thoughts, on the constantly evolving knowledge landscape, so you can be rest assured, that you have advisors, who stay up to date and are keen on keeping you informed.
Client Feedback ( Commendation letter from Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, for the review of the National Gas Policy)
National Gas Policy Review for the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources
Energy is what makes the world go round, with innovation breaking at the speed of light, the world is going to continue to need, sustainable and steady supplies of energy to meet the needs of a growing population.
A.Oil and Gas & Energy Practice
a.Oil and Gas
b.Natural Gas
c.Renewable Energy
At Megathos Law Practice, we believe creativity is a little more than art or entertainment, to us creativity in its purest form is simply problem solving.
Intellectual Property for us can be a shield, a wall and a sword but it can also be a net through which Intellectual Asset owners and managers can actively synergise with third parties in commercialising their Intellectual Assets.
i.Intellectual Asset Management
ii.Anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy
iv.Patent protection and enforcement
vi.Transactional IP

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